Scholarships Awarded for Higher Studies

Report of  the Dalai Lama Trust Scholarship Till Date:

In 2011, eighty-one scholarships were awarded to students for their higher studies in the pursuit of bachelors degrees and masters degrees. Of these, twenty are pursuing Scientific studies, including M.Sc Bio Genetics, B.Sc. Microbiology, B.Sc Biotechnology, B.Tech (IT) with several students studying medicine, nursing, engineering and computer science.

Scholarships for Professional Degrees

Between 2009 and 2012. Thirty-nine scholarships were given to students pursuing professional degrees in various fields like economics, pharmacy, web design, plumbing, nursing and hotel management.

In Detail:

2004 - Six students, 2005 - Seven students, 2006 - Twelve students ,2007 - Ten Students, 2008 - Ten students, 2009 - Sixteen students ,2010 - Twenty-two students, 2011 - Twenty-three students, 2012 - Fifty-four students, 2013-Forty-five students, 2014-Fifty-Five students, 2015-191 new students on the old one so the total number of students in 2015 is 296

Subjects included : BA, MA, B.Com, M.Com, B. Science, M. Science, B. Sc. Nursing, Computer Sciences, B. Tech, B. Engineering, MBA, B. Pharmacy, B. Psychology, M. Pharmacy, B. Dental Surgery, B. Physiotherapy, BHM, BBA, BBM, Tibetan Medicine and Astrology, B.A Tibetan Studies, Buddhist Philosophy, B.P. Ed, etc.

In the year of 2013 we had 27 students under DLT scholarship programme who had successfully graduated their Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses from different colleges in India and in the following year, there was 31 students who also completed undergraduate courses from their respective colleges.