Emergency Relief

Posted by Dalai Lama Trust

One of the objectives of the Dalai Lama Trust reads ‘to provide medical aid or relief, to the poor, destitute or homeless.’ This objective is of special significance in the event of natural disasters and accidents. The Trust is committed to helping those suffering from the physical, mental or economical consequences of the above mentioned unforeseeable occurrences.

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama has expressed his great admiration for various organisations – like the Catholic community or the Ramakrishna Mission; who have devised strategies to arrive and act promptly in cases of emergency. They arrived prepared with he various materials or urgent need and with professionals in the fields of medication, rehabilitation, construction and education. His Holiness prefers to therefore provide only financial assistance and leave the delicate decisions and actions in times of crisis, in the hands of trained professionals.

The Trust is aware that these emergency upset the equilibrium of individuals, who may be physically or psychologically harmed and often without their belongings and homes; but also on the larger level of community. The functioning of communities is disrupted and is difficult to regain. Therefore it is important to help these affected people transition as easily as possible into the rehabilitation and rebuilding of their communities.

In order to achieve both internal and external progresses appropriate for modern times, having modern education is extremely important.