Preservation of Culture

Posted by Dalai Lama Trust

The cultural heritage, of any nation is essential to its identity and future. Tibetan culture faces a great danger as a culture in exile. The Dalai Lama Trust is committed to keeping alive this rich and versatile culture of its remarkable people. Tibetan culture has been passed down from generation to generation in the form of art, opera, music, texts, oral teachings, spirituality and folk tales.

We would like to see these traditions continue down for several more generations so that Tibetans are not separated from their identities and values and so this threatened culture may flourish and keep the community intact.

The preservation of Tibetan culture is very much needed because it is a tradition of peace, love and compassion. But it is being completely destroyed. Through Tibetan culture, we can make some contribution to create a happier and peaceful world through inner peace and a calm mind.